Sports & Remedial Massage

A little bit about it

Sport and Remedial Massage can aid in relieving pain in the specifically affected areas of the body. All the while, helping to correct postural imbalances and poor mobility and movement patterns. Remedial massage can also assist those suffering from a range of other medical conditions so it is a great all round treatment.

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Sports Massage Mayo


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To book an appointment with Elaine, simply fill out our Contact Form with your request or simply get in touch via the phone.

There is no problem cancelling an appointment, however, you must give at least 24 hours notice in order to avoid incurring a charge.

To find out what kind of treatment suits best, just get in touch and Elaine will talk you through what fits your needs.

If it is your first appointment please arrive 10mins before your appointment to allow time to fill out our Consultation Form. Returning clients can arrive 5 mins in advance.