“I went to Elaine when I was 32 weeks pregnant for 3 massage treatments and I felt so relaxed after it. I also booked Elaine’s services as a post-partum doula and she turned my life around as she was such a support to me during those first few days and the weeks after I came home after a very difficult birth and complications. My face would light up when Elaine would come in the door because I was so delighted that Elaine was coming to help and support me. I also booked the baby massage classes with Elaine as I found her services so helpful.”


“I would recommend Elaine after going for pregnancy massage treatments. I never had massage before and it was amazing. Elaine worked on me and we talked so much during the treatment and I felt when I was leaving that I was so refreshed and so relaxed .”


“I went to Elaine when I was pregnant with my first baby. I was 22 weeks pregnant when I went for the first pre-natal massage. I had pain in my right hip and Elaine worked on it and I felt so much better. She made me feel so relaxed and explained everything to me. I returned to her for more treatments as it really made me feel so relaxed about the birth and I wasn’t as anxious after having my baby.”


“I recently went to Elaine for treatment as I had an injury to my quads.
I found Elaine’s Gift of Touch on Facebook. I would highly recommend her.
She does not rush, listens and explains, and loves to get feedback on what worked or didn’t work so she can try different techniques to improve mobility and flexibility.
After the second treatment I began to feel better and by session 5 I could return to football while doing exercises and stretches “

Tom C.

“I brought my baby girl to Elaine’s Baby Massage. All I can say is wow, it was the most relaxing, calm, caring and loving environment I could have ever wished for. The room was set up so beautifully and with such warmth and welcome.
Elaine is very kind, caring and welcoming and made all us mammies feel so at ease. The babies were so relaxed after it and my lady had the biggest sleep. I continued doing it with my daughter and it always made her very relaxed and calm. Would highly recommend this programme to any mother and baby, it is amazing. Thanks Elaine  “


“Had a fantastic massage from Elaine, she really worked hard on my leg, back, shoulder and neck, felt so relaxed after. I can’t recommend Elaine enough from start to finish. I will be returning!”


“I came to Elaine with a hamstring injury. I went for a few sessions. The treatment was very thorough, Elaine did everything she could for me and even after the first session I felt better than when I got there first.
I went back to her three times and at the end of it she gave me exercises to do and expert advice!
Thank you Elaine”


“Elaine was recommended to me by a friend after I hurt my lower back. I had 5 treatments with her. This was my first time having a sport and remedial massage and I was unsure as to what to expect. I found Elaine to be very professional and she had time to listen to me and reassure
She put me at ease very quickly. After my first treatment I felt a little better. After my second session she gave me some exercises to help me. I began to feel much better after each treatment.
She explained to me the muscles she was working on and why.
I will be returning for any other issues if I need!”

Mary O Donnell